10 Ways to Bring More Joy to Your Home

Don’t underestimate the power of interiors. They have the power to fill you with peace and joy when done correctly. Small things like adding a cheerful cushion cover and some fresh flowers can go a long way in enlivening our mood and changing the vibe of our home.

Some easy ways you can add joy to your home –

Clear the clutter

This is the first step we need to start with. Clear off the mess. Vaastu shaastra and feng shui have highlighted the point of how clear space is required in our homes for the free flow of positive energy. According to research, almost 50 per cent of the space in the rooms that we spend time in, is filled with unwanted things. Give away things you haven’t used in over a year to charity. It can make someone happy and give your home a happy and free feel.

Decorate with handmade organic materials


Materials that are handmade are full of life and add vitality to one’s space. These are available in vibrant vegetable dyes, rich textures and designs. Check out the local crafts bazaars and the farmers markets for interesting finds.

Add a touch of nature

Decorate with indoor plants. They have a host of benefits, apart from adding instant beauty to any corner. Plants fight indoor pollution and remove chemicals from the air. Other benefits from studies done include: Improved mood and well-being; reduced stress, anxiety and depression; and increased feelings of calm, relaxation and creativity, and all these are simply from bringing more greenery into your home!

The power of white


Most of us are hesitant to fill the room with white materials and objects, because they are difficult to maintain. But remember, white reflects natural light, which can give any home a more open feel. On a physiological note, natural light is a benefit to your wake and sleep cycle, helping you to feel more refreshed.

Add meaningful art

Lively prints and artwork can brighten utilitarian spaces. Search for new artists, and give them some inputs on what you want, and for which spaces. You can end up with some amazing art that is full of life with a message and meaning. Art is subjective, so fill your home with pieces that speak to you, open your eyes and stimulate your mind.

Blue doesn’t always cause the blues

If you want calm, go for blue tones in bedrooms. Blue reminds one of the ocean and the sky and can be serene and beautiful when done correctly. Bedrooms should be a haven of comfort and peace. Consider painting this fresh color, adding new pillows or even just rearranging the furniture or artwork until the space feels just right.

Memories stuck on walls

Have loads of wonderful memories that you keep in your mobile gallery? Then do go for a memory wall. Add all the pictures that you love, let it be family pictures, school posters, pages from any scrap-book that your memories are attached to or anything you’d like to look at and relish forever.


Fill your home with music that you love, be it meditational or devotional music in the mornings and popular music later in the day. This helps in getting rid of negative energy from the surroundings and creates a joyful ambience.

Theme based space

If you are a sports, books, music lover or have any other passion then go for a room that is designed especially around your interests- to give your home a personalized appeal.

Create a happy environment

Apart from material things, one of the most special things any home can have is a happy positive environment that in turn gives ultimate joy to the people one loves and cares about.

There is a saying which goes, ‘we catch the mood of those around us’. Leave your workday worries and hassles at your front doorstep and try to keep your home a cheerful, nurturing and sacred space for yourself and your loved ones.


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