5 Expensive Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Decor plays a vital role in uplifting our mood, yet if things don’t look right it can turn into a new tragic story to narrate! Even established interior designers have bad memories and horror tales of mismatched decor and goof-ups. When the decorating mistake is something small like the wrong cushion or accessory, it can be corrected. But, when it involves a bigger budget then it takes a lot more to fix.

Here are some expensive decorating mistakes that you can avoid-

1. Not choosing the right paint colours

Don’t go for colours just by looking at magazines and online resources. Colours look different in different lights. And even though painting is often considered an inexpensive way to change the look of a room, when you factor in the cost of primer, painting tools, and, if you’re outsourcing, the labour for painting, it could be quite expensive to choose a colour that you can’t live with. Before buying large quantities, try out a sample patch in a small area. Make sure that you really love it, before you go ahead painting the room. One doesn’t have to stick to the same colour for the entire home. Experiment with different colours for every room. The right colour can create magic and transform the space!

2. Choosing the wrong furniture

Plan ahead and check if it fits the space and justifies comfort levels, before buying furniture. This is probably the biggest investment in the home and is meant to be a permanent one. Be clear about your lifestyle, design philosophy and upkeep +maintenance of the furniture before you buy, as you want to enjoy them for many years to come. For info on furniture arrangement you could read this article.

3. Buying art and artefacts that you don’t like anymore

Art and artefacts can add character to any home. Stay away from things only because they match your current color scheme or are the current ‘it’ things. Buy art that speaks to you, and you’ll treasure it for life.

4. Window treatment or Room with a view!

Windows add natural light to the room and also [hopefully] a refreshing view of nature. As far as possible arrange the furniture in a way that you can make the most of any good views that you have outside t .Also keep in mind that it isn’t just about the light and view, it is also about privacy. Window treatments can be fabulous but expensive, so be sure that they suit the light and privacy requirements of the room. If you’ve chosen a strong colour scheme or pattern, check how they match with the paint and furniture in the room.

5. Choose the right theme and wallpapers

Theme based rooms are the flavour of the year. A word of caution: They may work for the first few months or even years. But, gradually you may get overwhelmed by it. There’s not much you can do about that apart from redecorating! Same goes for wallpaper- choose one that you really love and can live with. If you want to add personality to a room, wallpaper might be just the thing for you. So, make absolutely sure it works for your room before taking the plunge.

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